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Marc Kupper
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Re: Kanji in language articles

Michael Hacker wrote:
I'm fine with adding the kanji, but it's up to the individual to do the necessary tweaks to their systems in order to read the characters.
Yes, those tweaks and the multiple standards plus browsers involved are a hassle meaning a page would need to get added somewhere to explain aikiweb's practices. People have included kanji in message board posts, articles, etc. though I have no idea if everyone surfing aikiweb can see them and is seeing the same pictograph. Maybe a test page should be set up to see if someone can see a common word like aikido - 合気道.
Additionally, most of these kanji are not "word-pictures" in the sense that looking at them will actually impart any meaning to the western eye. If you don't understand the characters, you won't get much out of them. That said, the only reason I can think of is to look further into them or, perhaps, to verify what I've said is true. You should be able to look this stuff up without me posting the kanji, actually.
I usually do look them up but what brought up my request was when people will write something like "there are two different kanji for tori/dori" and when I look it up I'll see perhaps one of the kanji in the aikiweb/aikidofaq dictionaries and half a dozen in a general Japanese dictionary. Thus I still don't know which two specific kanji someone was writing about which does not help at all when I'm struggling with understanding the language. "A picture is worth a thousand words..."
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