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Re: Bending bones!

Let me answer a few questions for all of you.

1.) I am used to bruises and they are so frequent they may as well be tattoos. Most people in the dojo grab firmly, yet they also remain relaxed and move with you.
2.) The grip itself doesn't hurt. Uncomfortable? A bit. Painful? Not really.
3.) I am able to do the technique with him if my form is correct.
4.) So far I have only had this "bending bone" pain in my ulnar and radial bones for tai no henko with him (never happened with anyone else) and I have worked with him on several occassions with various techniques (which this has never happened before). Sensei pairs me up with a lot of the beginners (I think because he knows I can get tossed/slammed around without getting hurt)
5.) People frequently clamp down on my wrist/forarm and I have never had an issue.... up until now that is.
6.) In the case of tai no henko that night, once we turned, we were to stay there with our arms stretched out and settle for a bit so the sempai could walk around and check our form.
7.) I'm fairly certain that if I didn't have to stay in that settling spot for a bit it wouldn't have been too much of an issue.
8.) Not keeping my arm in the proper location and letting him pull it away would not benefit me or him in training, so I kept my form.

Anyway, after four days of rest, my arms are finally feeling better and they aren't swollen anymore. I think I am going to make it a point to work with this guy again Tuesday for tai no henko and see if I can't figure something out. Maybe it is me.

Thanks for the tips, ideas and thoughts. I will be taking some of them into consideration.

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