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ON the Photograph

One of the more interesting aspects of this article is the photograph. Generally speaking, in both China and Japan, prestige in photos is signified by how close you are to the front row and how close you are to the center. I do not know if this is true in this case, but notice that right beside the two military men are Ueshiba Morihei and Nakayama Hakudo.

Shimizu Takaji, the famous jodo instructor, is off to one side. The headmistress of Tendo-ryu, one "rank" to the side of Ueshiba, and at the other side were two of the great judo men, Isogai and Nagaoka.

This illustrates what prestige Ueshiba had at the time. Perhaps this is due to the number of generals whom he taught. But at any rate, in this photo, he's one of the two most important budo practitioners there.

Ellis Amdur

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