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Re: Grip… wait for me!

Carrie Campbell wrote: View Post
I'll try to "move" tonight. This is only an issue at higher than regular speeds, but perhaps that can be arranged...
Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Go slow when working on this aspect.
Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
Slow to get started and learn the movement, speed up as learning develops.
Well, I had opportunities for slow, regular, and faster settings at practice last night, but didn’t slip. The closest I got was not ever reaching the wrist in the first place. There were also times when we just connected without holding on; sometimes the wrist wasn’t the first available contact.

I did, however, have a chance to ask my instructor about the katatetori connection. The palm, of course, is the main part, and should be enough to do technique with. But he usually wraps the rest of the hand around as well, beginning with the pinky finger etc. Ashley, it looks like trying to stay connected, and reconnecting if we slip off is all one can do. Afraid he didn’t have any suggestions; guess I’ll just have to keep practicing.

I also asked why as uke he is just connected like this and sometimes he has an iron clamp-like grip (which immobilizes the wrist) and he said he doesn’t know a reason, just what seems appropriate at the time. [In my opinion, while it’s uncomfortable with the wrist bound, it forces me not to focus on the awkward place where the hands connect, but moving my body, and using a larger circle from hips to tip of imaginary sword, if you will.]

Again, I think Jerome, Chris, and Kevin hit the nail on the head with body movement/position. An old (2008) picture that might illustrate can be found at: (photo credits to Mr. Noel Judd), if I dare to post it…. While this was not “one of those times,” it shows a body position as uke where my legs are starting to get out from under my hips. If I’m still doing this, perhaps that’s why I slip. I think I should try to stay closer to nage, with my feet under my hips. Does that seem reasonable?

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