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Carrie Campbell
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Red face Grip… wait for me!

I know sometimes we practice connection with exercises that are basically techniques without grabs. Instead of taking katatetori, we'll place our hands palm to palm. It's uke's job to stay attached, and neither person is to grab hold of the other.

While this connections remains in place during regular katatetori techniques and so on, the "grab" should reinforce that connection. With a few partners, I can wrap my hand around. But with most partners, their wrist is bigger than my hand, and I can hook my thumb around one side and hook my pinky finger around the other side with the tips of my other fingers, and my palm against the back of their wrist/arm. Usually, I can stay attached, but as speed (and perspiration) increase, it is sometimes difficult not to slip. I've noticed it a couple times recently, once as uke during a seminar. continue with the technique, slip again (and again)...had a nice dribble effect going... At the time I thought I was just nervous, but I've noticed I slip at other times too.

Most of you are much more experienced in aikido and staying connected. How do you continue to stay attached? Any recommendations?
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