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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights

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What Ueshiba did from 1925 onwards?
After about 1922 he began to be "known" for his martial abilities. This was after a lengthy experience with Takeda, where-n Takeda taught him aiki and he was given permission to teach, Aiki . He was actually having trouble handling people before then. Even though he was known for being very didn't seem to help him with his budo much. This was when Deguchi, who did not like Takeda none the less acknowledged the incredible aspects of this...aiki! So much so, that he suggested Takeda change the name of his art.

Ueshiba's quickly followed, where curiously, he talked often about aiki. Where he started saying that aiki informed religion, where the word aiki...started to appear everywhere in his dialogue.....curiously, for some strange reason.
As we no know ( and there is more to come) over the following years, he was actively talking about all of the foundational work to internal power that apparently no one knew how to translate, for some strange reason. Things that were apparently peppered through out his lectures and in class;
Heaven/ earth/ man
Breath power training
Six direction awareness
Strength through opposing power
In yo ho
The mystery of aiki revealed in Dual spirals as an expression.
Even him bringing in Anatomy drawings to explain esoteric discussions of the Kojiki.
All to a dissinterested and unknowing audience who self admittedly didn't care.
You know....all the stuff that made it sound like he was on aikiweb 90 years later...arguing with those who were still, clearly doing something other than his art!
Sound familiar?

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