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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights

[quote=Demetrio Cereijo;298012]This is what the "Inquisition" says about this issue:


Some physical exercises automatically produce a feeling of quiet and relaxation, pleasing sensations, perhaps even phenomena of light and of warmth, which resemble spiritual well-being. To take such feelings for the authentic consolations of the Holy Spirit would be a totally erroneous way of conceiving the spiritual life. Giving them a symbolic significance typical of the mystical experience, when the moral condition of the person concerned does not correspond to such an experience, would represent a kind of mental schizophrenia which could also lead to psychic disturbance and, at times, to moral deviations.

In one of the newer John Stevens books, either "Heart of Aikido" or "Secret Teachings of Aikido", Ueshiba describes his earlier religious experiences as hallucinations he had along the way to enlightenment. Not sure of the quality of the translation, but if it is accurate, then it seems to me it would fit in with the above.
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