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Hi Ross,
Thank you very much for your understanding. I just wanted to explain why professionalism for aikido teacher would not work in Spain and I took the wrong way complaining about things that doesn't matter in this thread.
The teacher in Spain is a state employee. After the university the teacher must pass examinations to become a permanent employment.Here in our island the new teachers are sent first to the smaller islands, where nobody wants to go and after 3 or 4 years they can ask for a job closer to their home. It is very difficult to pass this examinations as there are many teachers and few jobs. So in the case of my teacher, an excellent aikido teacher, but who never had the opportunity to go to college,therefore he never would become this job. A friend who is 5 Dan Jiu jitsu teacher finished the university as a gym teacher for public school, he did the examinations at least four times, learning four years and presenting himself each year for the test and the last time he told me that there were still 40 persons on the list before himself.
And please tell me if you like to come to our island, I would look for a good hotel for you, even if the island is fully booked like now, perhaps you would like to visit our dojo too.
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