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graham christian
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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Hi Graham,

One of the truism in life is that there will always be those that just don't see things the exact way that you do - the important thing is to respect the views of others and to share what there is in common and to move on from what is not.

Personally, I find your posts a little wacky and my budo is not your budo - but I do love your style in presenting it and wish you the best of luck in carrying on with your journey, wherever that may take you

For those that may take pleasure in your ridicule, all I have to say to them is grow up and take a close look at your own house before condemning someone else's - people need to learn to live and let live.

Hi Greg.
Good to hear your view. When all said and done it's just communication after all.

A bit like any activity, until we get good at it there will be misunderstandings.

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