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Re: Combat

One thing I have taken from training outside of the Aikido dynamic is the observation that we tend to train in best case scenarios, clean and clear signaled attacks answered within the traditional paradigm of "single technique victory". This has some merit in developing a "winning" mind that sees no contention and therefore no conflict. However it also breeds arrogance and inflated ideas of actual proficiency. One concept I personally prefer is worst case scenario, assume that your techniques will fail, how do you free your mind and body to move on to the next, rather than falling victims to trying to muscle a result out of a wrong dynamic. I am not and have never been a soldier but I recognize many differences between law enforcement, open warfare, ambush and strategy, conflict awareness and deescalation, and pre-emptive engagement, mentally or physically. I am a bit tired of the simplistic declarations people make on the basis of theory.

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