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Re: aikido and samurie

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thank you all sorry for the late reply been on holiday for a few days . i was only asking because you use bokkens which to me look like woodan katanas (samurie swords) so if not the samurie were does the origin of aikido come from ?
They are wooden katana. There was more to the Samurai than being a good swordsman though, in fact the sword was usually a secondary weapon for use only when one had lost ones spear, bow or naginata.

So, you want to know the origin of Aikido. Technically it largely comes from Daito Ryu, where Daito Ryu comes from is a hotly debated subject. Potentially it goes back to Minamoto Yoshimitsu in the 1080s, alternatively it goes back to Takeda Sokaku from the late 19th century, or maybe some where in between.

I'll leave the philosophical origins of Aikido to someone that has a clue.
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