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Re: Fight or Quit: there is no choice

Chuck Clark wrote:
With due respect to the idea of perserverance, etc. it is also important to know when to change...

The trick is knowing the difference between quitting because of fear or laziness and stopping because you've learned from your experience and have changed your mind for good reasons.
What Chuck said!

I was playing basketball the other day during lunch. It was my 4th game and my sciatic nerve was giving me trouble.

One guy on my team said "don't quit" (because I was slowing down a little because of the pain).

I told him that 99% of the time when I got in trouble, it was because I didn't know when to quit.

A lot of people don't have anything to prove to themselves anymore, so the whole "don't give up" thing isn't really relevant to a lot of people who have already learned that lesson.
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