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Re: Training Problems after Shodan

After I passed my shodan exam, I was worried about the color of my belt. I worried that newbies would see my black belt and assume that I knew it all, when I new for darn sure that I didn't. When my sensei asked me to teach one night a week, I was mortified. I didn't think that I had any business teaching anyone, but I did as he asked.
Now, I'm a big cool sandan. I still haven't started feeling like a shodan yet! My sensei moved to Georgia and I'm the big cool senior instructor. Instead of worrying about all eyes being on me and trying to show perfect technique, I tell my students that we are learning this stuff together. A neat thing about humility is that it really takes the pressure off. When I'm relaxed, sometimes I actually have some techniques worth looking at!

Just relax.

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