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Keith Larman
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Re: Training Problems after Shodan

I'll add an observation based on my work in studying the Japanese sword. I remember asking someone a question about how I should do something. He thought for a while but ended up saying "you know, I could try to explain it to you but you don't know enough yet to realize that your question is actually trivial." That puzzled me for a long time. Then a year or two later I was working on something and that very same problem came up and I realized that I knew exactly what I needed to do -- I had enough foundational context built up to understand exactly how trivial (or maybe better it was something that didn't make sense to talk about extracted from the larger context) it was.

With each "aha!" moment where I suddenly "see" something in a sword that I had never seen before I am ready to see 10 more things I was unable to see before. Then discovering each of those 10 things gives 10 new things each for 100 new things. So those 100 things each open the window to...

You get the idea... You'll start getting "aha" moments where you think you're actually going backwards. The reality is that you're moving forward, you're just starting to become equipped to see all those things you never noticed you were doing wrong before...

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