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Re: Article: Taking Ukemi and Being Uke by Peter Boylan

The article is very correct about being uke and following the inital attack with follow-through both in attitude and physical movement. I would argue one small point that one poster included. While a shomenuchi attack derives from sword movement, and while an empty hand attack is less likely to look like that attack, the movement in an of itself is a training artifact in timing and entering or turning. Once nage has for instance the timing and movement down for shomenuchi ikkyo omote (or ura) one can begin practicing the same response to a left hook or a right cross. The timing is easier to learn from shomenuchi that it is from a straight (horizontal) punch to the face from the left or right. Its just an artifact of the training methodology that has been handed down to us. If one insists that everything one learns be absolutely applicable from day one, then training in shomenuchi attacks makes no sense except in the context of perhaps knife attacks. However, if one recognizes that certain motions are trained for best with specific attacks and techniques (think Karate Kid and "wax on wax off") then training in what seem to be arcane attacks makes more sense.
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