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getting there

O-Sensei once said something to the effect that when facing one attacker, treat the situation as if you were facing many attackers. There are numerous benefits to training with such an attitude.

It helps us to maintain 360 degree awareness during waza, which also means continual readiness to face a new attacker at any moment. This leads one to keep the eyes and head up, also leading to better posture and ki extension.

Training this way, in the long run, helps one to make major improvements in waza, while also preparing one for multiple attacks.

In the end, even though we train one-on-one against a wide range of attacks most of the time, we can also always be training for multiple attacks.

There are numerous benefits to this way of training, but I haven't reached the level of teleporting myself yet. If such an event should ever happen, I hope I don't soil my drawers.

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