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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

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Well, that was a very nice sophomoric cheap shot - speaks volumes to your level of professionalism and knowledge associated with the topics generally discussed by the individual you just attacked.

I know that Dan can be harsh in his criticism, but it is what is - it you think he is full of BS and does not know what he is talking about, just go see him - many have and all are still coming back for more. If you are serious about your art, get out of your comfort zone and go see those that can challenge you; no other 'testing' is required - truth is truth.

The comment was about his past " dialogue on the internet " on this and other forums.
Wether I think he full of BS or does not know what he is talking about is your inference.

As far as sophomoric cheap shot, he has done a few of those too.