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Re: Essential reading for internal skills (aiki) training

Thomas Campbell wrote: View Post
There are none...

You are best off not wasting time reading about this shit. Every second spent reading is potential training time, irreplaceably lost...
I was waiting for this post! I can't argue with it and appreciate the spirit in which the advice was given. On the other hand, I do enjoy a good read - especially on the plane when I travel for work. Anything to better deepen my understanding and inform my training would be valuable and lot more interesting than your typical inflight magazine.

Thomas Campbell wrote: View Post
Why, rab, when you are only an hour away from someone who not only can demonstrate these skills, but can show others how to train them, are you asking about books?
Books are no substitute for training or learning from a qualified teacher. I totally agree! I am doing what I can in that regard as well.

I have come across some books which seem to reinforce some of the basic ideas that I have been exposed to in training (Way of Power, Warriors of Stillness, etc.). I can't speak for Ark but it's apparent from their posts that Dan and Mike are both very well read. I'd put you, Mark, and a few other seekers in the same category too based on your posts. So at least it seems to be a common vice.
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