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Re: Repetitions scheme

Matthew Vanderlip wrote: View Post
John thanks for your input. Especially your preference as Uke. Taking falls on one side is an exercise in mild torture...maybe.
I've actually came to this realization after injuries. I would get a sprained wrist, I would treat that side very gently. I would take all my falls one one side, then wonder why I developed hip and neck pain. Wondered why I had so much uneven muscle tension after taking a hundred breakfalls on my right side and none on my left.

I don't even recommend this practice to injured students anymore. If they need to modify on one side, I recommend even modifications unless they are very senior and not as likely to take uneven trauma.

Interesting to me that Koryu forms are one sided, but the main Judo forms like Nage no Kata are ambidextrous.

"Of course since I have asked this question it should known that I'm dying to divulge how many reps the students in my classes do"

What are you working on now? I am interested to hear it.

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