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Re: Games for teaching Youth

I made up a game that my students always love: "Star Wars".

You get to be a Jedi and do a force push. The rules are that if you get force pushed, you have to fall down in a realistic manner (ukemi). The force push has have concentration behind it (you can't just wave your hands around - you have to point and focus). It only works at close range (not halfway across the dojo).

Usually we do it like a single person randori where the person in the middle is attacked from all sides. It's like randori without technique. The attackers are practicing sensitivity and ukemi skills, while the nage is supposed to stay aware of all directions. There are lots of variations to play with. Do it in slow motion the first time and then increase the speed if everyone can handle it (depending on skill level and discipline level of the kids to be able to follow the above "rules").

It's not ki-waza, it's just an excercise and a game, but I think it teaches some good skills and the kids always like it. I know randori is considered an "expert" level thing in most dojos, but I'd rather challenge my kids than bore them.
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