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Re: Koshi Nage - Open Stance or Feet Together

outside observation just from the first page of thread.
I came to Aikido at 44 years old, gotten myself back into shape to where I can take decent ukemi.
But it was a long 3year process. Ukemi is taught once a week out of daily classes at my dojo with various teachers within that period. Incidentally the most learning came from the most serious, longest "Captain" of that ukemi class.(highest ranking, best teacher of that once a week class)
Other incidentals include:
Since having no real steady teachers of ukemi, I started emmulating Professional Bull Riders for ukemi
Just stay on for eight seconds. Obviously, how tuff r u against 1800lbs of enraged bull. I survived.
I have been looking for DVDs , believe me, to keep safe.
Bookman Sensei's was reccomended and now Amdur Sensei's DVD is also available(and from what I have read also reccomended). Other than that , I have been SEARCHING , maybe a couple of you tube snippets.
So I had to supplement what I practiced, with other available medium, otherwise would have surely wound up on the trash heap of too old, to inflexible, to heavy etc etc etc
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