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Re: Koshi Nage - Open Stance or Feet Together

Szczepan - Since you do not know my method, you are not qualified to critique it. (I'm not talking about some mystical knowledge or skill - you simply don't know my curriculum). Not one of your critiques is valid. Any and all of those points are covered - and covered in a way that traditional ukemi teaching methods - as I saw and experienced in easily 50 Aikikai dojo - do not. Empirical evidence in the numbers of people who learned my method proves it - and the number of instructors who have written to thank me in that using these methods has helped them teach the stiff, scared and awkward folks who don't learn ordinary ukemi.

Secondly, you did not read what I wrote. I stated that when practicing koshinage with someone unfamiliar, "pulling up" is a good idea, as you do not know - from their belt or their lineage - if they've been taught how to take ukemi. Once I'm aware that they can take ukemi (within one or two throws), I don't "pull up" anymore. (I also don't crank down).

Third - in another thread, you were one of the posters demanding civility, and actually suggested people be banned if they weren't. Yet you wrote:
I understand that you got traumatized for the rest of your life by this bad experience in Iwama dojo but I believe you are oversimplifying and approaching the problem from the wrong side.
It's trivial, I know - but frankly, I've seen years and years of similar, "trivial" insults from you. You have just introduced a snide, personal reference in what was, up to this point, a professional, matter-of-fact discussion. You profess to be able to read my mind. In fact, I was not traumatized. In fact, I've never been to Iwama. However, I do know several individuals who were crippled for life, after a visit to Iwama. One, a yonkyu when he visited from Tokyo, had to discontinue aikido and had to relearn how to write with his left hand. It was from that knowledge, I resolved to create a method of learning which could pretty well guarantee the average aikidoka that someone wouldn't be able to do that to them. And I know it works - it protected me from Chiba Kazuo when he tried to inaugurate his return to Tokyo in 1976 by breaking the elbow of the first guy (me) he threw in his first class upon his return. (And for any defensive of their teacher, it was a very studied, deliberate attempt).

I'm glad what you do works for your students. But to tell me I'm incorrect when you do not know the step by step procedure that I use - it takes about 8 - 16 hours max, often far less - in a weekend seminar - to take a beginner to a break-fall from shihonage - (you are welcome to buy my DVD) is rather pointless.

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