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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Roman Kremianski wrote: View Post
I don''t remember calling anyone here a liar. An old dude beating up 3 burly bouncers DOES sound like something out of Karate Kid. It's the first thing that came to my mind. I have this funny feeling many will agree. And it's also kinda humorous on it's own, once you get over the Aikido pride and the insulted Aikidoka with a chip on their shoulder.

The beauty of the keystroke? I am using my real full name here, along with me real dojo.Yes, I'm 3rd kyu in Aikido. I trained in Aikido for 2.5 years and that's the rank I achieved. Shortly following that, I left to experience other arts. Nothing really to hide there, as a simple google search of my dojo and a glance at our grading list will tell you. I hold no significance in the Aikido world, just a pocket of my personal experience that I sometimes share under my real identity on a respectable internet forum. Everything that comes out of me is the opinion of a young college student, not a shihan...since when did you have to hold a certain kyu before you can comment?

Stories don't impress me. I spar with guys who've knocked opponents out while competing in professional MMA. I hold no significance in that world either, just like in Aikido, I dove in as a young guy to learn and suck up the knowledge around me. Here is a story: I got 5 stitches bellow the right eyebrow after getting slammed by a skilled wrestler. Learned a lot from it.

So yes, there are real situations, and there are stories, but that's still all they are. People here need to relax.

Why am I still here? Because I've trained in Aikido, am interested in Aikido, and am curious about the opinions of other Aikidoka. If I really didn't care, I'd just be on Bullshido.

"Video or it didn't happen" isn't the end all...but it really is one step above "A friend of mine told me..."
Good for you Roman. I for one frequently enjoy your posts and humor. Kind of refreshing to me
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