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Re: Did I create a new counter?

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
Great sick-man animation!
Unfortunately I understood correctly up to the point the punch is parried.
After that I don't understand the intention and action of the Nage.
I'm starting to think iriminage from there is silly.
Michael, the action of the nage was to tsuki atack the uke, the uke was to block and iriminage the nage. no so hard to understand, i know the stick animation isn't the best, but it shows the flow somehow

Amir Krause
"Guess I no longer remember that phase in which everything looked new":
I think you're thinking too linear when practicing aikido, that's not bad either, it's good if you're doing what being told over and over. after long period of years (u said u train equal or more than 9 years?) you're probably doing things automatically and look at aikido as a way to enjoy life, healthy and relax doing it, which is personally I think a good thing. I would start (on top the regular training) to think 'out of the box' and see what can be done with the basic tools set that you already own.

I usually, play with a uke sometimes after regular training time in the dojo, it's that time that ur brain is all running and thinking and u have the eagerness to try the stuff you learned!

I for one does it while practicing, i find it fun and intuitive.

I have seen many beginners freeze the first time they are faced with the chaos of free-play Randori. It takes months for them to start responding the way they are taught. Starting to think on your so early is very good.
I love training randori like, where 3 persons on you and they are attacking, true its harder to come-up with advance techniques or fast moves when you're doing the same basics all over again and again each practice.
that's why I said earlier, do a off-mat (after class) session with your friends, don't finish class and go home, stay around 15-30mins more with someone and have fun practicing and attacking.

My previous technical remarks tried to explain the mistakes Uke did in his response, which have enabled the Keashi-Waza. After-all, had Uke done everything correctly and in a timely manner, it would have been impossible to reverse the situation.
Yes, this is true, i've had it too, my Sensei always had me check the positions of my hands for example if i've done shio-nage, that would not give the uke the oppertunity to perform kaeshi waza.

btw, can I ask, what is your current rank in aikido? not that i really think rank is anything but dividing student/teachers/guiders, but just for the curiosity.

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