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Did I create a new counter?

Well, you know how is it that sometimes when you study aikido, it comes a time when you just blurt something out of an existing technique and you kinda 'create' on the fly a new one?

well, I really don't know if this one exists or not, you can write your thoughts here.
This counter is actually a counter to a katate dori, tsuki attack.

Attack: (Gyaku Hanmi)
Me: grasp katate (grap the wrist) of the uke (with left hand)
Me: tsuki attack (either a punch/knife) the stomech of the uke with the right hand.
Uke: throw away my tsuki attack with a side move using his hand as a defense
Uke: goes into an irimi-nage move (now that my back is wide open)

Counter: (while uke is trying to irimi-nage me)
Me: fast/hard Elbow strike to the ribs (Uke is stunned)
Me: using my left hand (still holding the katate), I move on into Sankyu position.
Me: using the right hand, i tight the Sankyu and perfom it fully.

I have no idea if is already done, but I love it when it comes with divine interference
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