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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

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In thinking about this some more, I'm a little more unsure of my remarks. So rather than say I disagree, I think I'm more comfortable with suggesting that, because almost none of us shares the same exact philosophy as O Sensei, it starts to beg a lot of question when we ourselves start imposing our own standards on other folks. So someone like David, who feels his philosophy or spirituality comes from other places, can be said to be still doing Aikido. (I hope you don't mind my using your example directly, David)
...Two bits.
I don't mind you using my example. I agree with you. The philosophy and spirituality that a person has is their own.

I didn't start practicing Aikido until I was 32 years old. By that time I had my spirituality and philosophy about life in place. Both of these are/has been influenced by a lot of things including Aikido.

Even though I don't practice the philosophy and spirituality of Aikido the techniques and principles of the Aikido I have learned has served me well.

By Yannis's definition I have never been practicing Aikido and that is alright. It simplifies things for me. I do not have to argue about how or why to practice Aikido because, I never have.


p.s. Now when Jun posts another survey I can honestly say "d. I don't do Aikido".

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