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One thing NOT to do before a test....

I've never been one to get stressed out over a test (any test - even final exams) and so the testing usually is not on my mind. It's not a test in my mind, it's more of a review...until my last test - 2nd Kyu. That was a test, not because I didn't know the techniques, not because I couldn't answer the verbal questions, not because I wasn't prepared. But because of losing focus and not preparing myself physically before the test. I'm also taking flying lessons, and right now I'm juggling both Aikido, and flying, and of course I have to pay for all this, so I have my job as well. So my Aikido test is on a Friday evening, like all of them are in our Dojo, and the day of my test I scheduled a flying lesson over an extended lunch hour and skipped eating. I normally do not eat breakfast, which I did not do on Friday. On Thursday I was also busy with a few other things, so I did not eat dinner as well.

So test time comes, and I step onto the mat, and realize..."I haven't eaten anything except a snack bag of chips, and a snack pack of pudding since my lunch on Thursday!"

Always, Always, Always eat something the day of your testing...oh did I mention I also was Uke for 2 tests before mine that same night?

Took my body nearly 2 weeks to recover, and get back to 100%.

...then again, that's just me.
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