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As Alex Said "
Aikido can be what you want it to be.
Then Aikido is everything a human being can imagine. In fact the word "everything" and the word "Aikido" are now synonyms. BJJ is Aikido, Judo is Aikido if you want them to be, MMA is Aikido. Aikido can be a method of toilet cleaning or pie making if you want it to be.

In fact we can say that Aikido is 100% effective because I want Aikido to be whatever the winner in any fight used to beat the looser.

But it does appear to quite a bit of time to be proficenet in it.
Only because you want it to. You could want Aikido to be something you could instantly master but you choose to make it something that is hard to learn.

What I actually said was that there are a lot of people doing a lot of things under the umbrella term Aikido. I didn't say that it could be anything one wanted.

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