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Re: why focus on internal power

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
When one is speaking of the left hand it doesn't mean they aren't aware of the right, as it were.
When contemplating the inner I often refer to the outer and vise-versa. It comes together at the center.
I dunno Jennifer,
You keep on coming into these discussions of Ki/Kokyu, but the fact is, like a lot of others you never bring up anything pertinent with relation to physical skill. (The silk reeling article comes to mind) Myself and a couple of other people that can do some of these things have seen video of you at work, and nothing you do would tip me off to the fact that you have ki/kokyu based movement, much less conditioned body.
Harsh as that sounds, for someone that can do this stuff its pretty tell tale.

Its not so much a "hey you don't have ki/kokyu! you don't belong here!" thing so much as, like Mike pointed out earlier, they're people that are trying to get a grasp on these things and way too many, otherwise bright people that have wasted years following the wrong track.