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Originally posted by SmilingNage
Well taking a high fall or not should always be at Uke's discretion. Albeit, the more experience an uke has determines whether or not to high/break fall or take a roll. All a break fall is roll in the air. So one would imagine that a skilled uke should be able to take a roll instead of the break fall at any given time.
And yes the heavier you get the harder it is to want to get up and not take a dozen high falls in a row, like you used. Take that right from my own personal experience. My tip would be to never stop training.
I agree with Tim, I am uke alot for my sensei and when he throws in kotegaeshi it is not my decision how I fall. I just have to recieve what I am given. if he wants to pin me then I do not have the choice to roll, if he throws me gently then yes I may have a choice and I could choose to put effort in and throw myself in a huge breakfall... but that would just be silly. but if he wants to project me and throw me a few meters then I really have no choice but to go with it. I would not be able to attempt a simple forward roll and if I did then I would do myself damage, as I would be recieving alot of energy and not using that energy or dispersing it, I would just be directing it donwards into the mat at high speed instead of outward which is where he wants me to go anyway.
but... I enjoy the feeling of flying

my point being... I do not have a choice in how I fall in most cases, that is why both my sensei and I bow to each other before technique. in acknowledgement that I respct and trust him enough to give him that kind of control over me, knowing that he does not intend to cause me harm.

(when they dont bow... worry )

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