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How many gis: Okay, I have 5, too. Two from Bujin: one light weight, and one heavy (I prefer the heavier one), and 3 double weave judo gis that I've picked up along the way. And I wash each one after training, hanging them all up to dry wherever I can make space.

I've never lost a gi, though recently my wife and I traveled to our home dojo about 150 miles from here, and arrived to find that she had forgotten her pants. Luckily, someone there had an extra pair that she could borrow.
Sensei did once leave his jo laying in a field at a seminar with Pat Hendricks, and a friend who lived in the area drove back out to the camp the next week and found it for him, a little weathered, but now with more character to it.

And once a few years ago, another fellow and myself decided that the pants would be so much easier with velcro instead of those silly ties (this was before I had a bujin gi). I think we were right, but needed an industrial weight velcro, instead of the normal stuff. The first time we wore them to class, they kept falling down every time we hit the mat. .... Sure am glad the top I had on was rather long.


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