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Originally posted by Chocolateuke how many gi's do you own?

have you ever lost a gi?

do you have any funny stories about your gi(s)?

How do you dry your gi?

what do you like dislike about where a gi?

I have four keiko gi (one is about to bite it though).

I once left my dojo bag on the train. Lost a good gi, my belt, and towel, and my grade book. No one ever turned anything in to lost and found, even though my name and address were in my grade book, AND my initials were embroidered on the bag. I was more upset about losing my grade book and the bag (just a relatively inexpensive canvas bag, but the perfect size for what I used it for and it was a gift from my brother).

Funny stories? Not me, but a few months ago a visiting shihan from Aikikai Hombu was demonstrating yokomenuchi kato sai during class and promptly tore a huge gaping hole in uke's gi. He immediately stopped, gave the Japanese version of "whoa!", and started laughing. The whole class then lost it. Another time at a seminar during the randori portion of a shodan test, one of the uke's gi jacket got pulled out from under his belt, but he continued to chase nage around with his jacket flying behind him like a cape (can you say "It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's SUPERUKE!").

I dry my gi in the dryer.

The only thing I dislike is wearing new keiko gi that haven't been worn in. Too big and too stiff!


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