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Re: "Aikido Style" Gi supplies other than Bujin

Several of my friends have purchased the lined E-Bogu gi and most don't seem to care for the lining and have removed it. I've only purchased their "deluxe aikido gi" and it is much heavier. I haven't had any shrinkage problems with it, but the arms and legs are shorter than when new. The body is still fine after many washings with hot water and a hot dryer.

I've been wearing gi with the label "Besu" sewn in. I don't know the manufacturer and haven't been able to find out the source. My Sensei buys them from a friend who imports them from Japan. Pretty pricey (about $250), but they are of superb quality and wear like iron while being as soft as on old cotton tee shirt. My oldest is about five years old now and is starting to show some fraying around the collar from my five o'clock shadow - I'm clean shaven, but have a beard like a wire brush and I don't think even stainless steel would not show wear on my collars. I like these even better than the one Tozando I have and it is great in it's own right.

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