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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Pressure Points and Internal Striking

One of my main teachers was Brian Adams, an early student of Ed Parker. He was (as Ed Parker did with many of his students) encouraged to train with Bruce Lee. This experience gave him a major awakening that guided his career as a master level teacher.

I tend to follow the same awakening. My art is mine as your's is yours - no matter what you call it for the public's sake. After training in traditional processes, you must challenge and test the processes before you truly understand what you personally need in your journey.

I "teach" if you wish to call it that. I would rather call it "Socratic sharing". I meet with folks, challenge their assumptions when I notice that the assumption is blocking their learning. I stick around and guide the inquiry so that the "seeker" does not go too far off course. But to uncritically accept my answers is the foolish way out of the process.

They should question my answers and make a study of it themselves as if the old way were the thesis and mine was the antithesis. Some studies take a while and overnight critiques of my answers normally show a lack of disciplined inquiry. The process of synthesis should be theirs and theirs alone.
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