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Re: Pressure Points and Internal Striking

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
That is certainly a fact. Few people train grip. And in a fight, the first thing a man learns is he has not trained his grip enough. But do you suggest that you are using the old ways of grip training, not for grabbing Gi, rather for Tiger-style ripping and tearing; penetrating pressure points and collapsing blood vessels?

What do you think about the "light brushing" of pressure points to stimulate them rather than gripping them?
Hi Chris,

In this video I am using solely the penetration of grip. No punching, no pressure point and no joint techniques. I am simply using my grip:


As to the light brushing, its a bit like flowing your hand over the hairs of your arm. There is in my opinion an electro-magnetic connection as well as the emanation of hormone and chemical reaction.

I believe that everything in the body is connected and that stimulating one area creates a chain reaction in other areas. As such, the idea is to regulate opening and closing blockages in the body at various times.

Certainly, for us old guys blood circulation is critical.

Are you teaching still? And do you teach your art forms together or separately?

Best Wishes,

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
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