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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Pressure Points and Internal Striking

Joseph Arriola wrote: View Post
Hi Chris,

First, the grip. Most people simply do not have it. As such, they can't perform the pressure points even if they know where they are. It is so important to train the fingers all the way to the tips.

Second, you must penetrate. In the old days, martial artists were also doctors/massage/acu-point experts. They knew how to penetrate the body by using an "S" with their fingers. Again, most people even if shown the pressure point won't be able to use them.

After a while, the method is so much like "water" that joint locks, kicking, cavity strikes etc. all become the same movement.

That is certainly a fact. Few people train grip. And in a fight, the first thing a man learns is he has not trained his grip enough. But do you suggest that you are using the old ways of grip training, not for grabbing Gi, rather for Tiger-style ripping and tearing; penetrating pressure points and collapsing blood vessels?

What do you think about the "light brushing" of pressure points to stimulate them rather than gripping them?
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