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Re: Signs of too much cross training.

Michael Gallagher wrote:
Ok, my turn to do a "top 10" list.

From the home office in Cortland, New York

Top Ten Signs You Are Doing Too Much Cross Training

10. You keep greeting your Aikido sensei with the Filipino courtesy
Corallary: Your Aikido Sensei exacerbates the problem by having everyone use the academy's supply of Kali sticks to put more "oomph" into shomen uchi practice; you barely manage to bow instead of using the Kali courtesy when he sends you to practice something! (I used my own stick, of course. )

9. You catch yourself packing the sarong and sweat pants for Aikido before you leave the house, and switch to the gi.

8. You catch yourself packing your gi for Kali before you leave the house; switch to sarong and sweat pants.

7. Your Aikido instructors are always yelling at you for having your rear heal up.
Corallary: You're getting better at keeping your heal down in Aikido, but now you find you have no %$&^%&^%$&^% clue as to when to raise it in Kali (although while throwing a cross is an obvious place).

6. There is no number 6. (Monty Python reference.)
Corallary: There is no corrallary to rule 6.

Any more?
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