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Diana Frese
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Re: The Word "Aikido"

I'm going to try again to summarize what this column means to me, but this time eliminate the personal experiences and stories, which lead me to digress too much from the topic.

I feel strongly that whatever attracts each person to Aikido is important for that person to preserve, in order to make possible further growth. I came from a modern dance background (before judo) so the movement was very important to me, having felt as a teenager that I had to struggle to keep up with the young ladies in modern dance class. Well, that's one point about what is important about Aikido to me.

The self defense was always an important part at NYAikikai, to some more than others but we all trained together, it was the same curriculum and most appreciated the effectiveness of the training. But I remind myself to just list some of the many aspects of Aikido in order to make my point.

Peter Shapiro (our senpai at Hombu at the time) and Saotome Sensei in Japan, and back in the US two or three programs in New York and two in New Haven by Hikitsuchi Sensei brought out the Shinto background of O Sensei for us, things about which glimpses had been given in the doka quotes in the Aikido classic texts in English.

Koichi Tohei Sensei and Terry Dobson Sensei gave us very valuable hints of the far ranging application of Aikido principles in daily life.

Not wanting to write an essay, essays are very difficult for me, I just wanted to make the point that it is this diversity which is so important to many of us over the course of our lives and growth as human beings, I may add. I hope to continue to develop using these resources, and for this reason I am asking all to heed Francis' request for mutual respect and consideration of each other's needs and views.

Thanks to all, Daian

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