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Re: The Word "Aikido"

Aikido is a discipline. It's a "way." Which means it's supposed to define us more than we define it. Which suggests that it's our responsibility to be diligent in following this "way"--in researching what the way is, searching out teachers who can help us see where it leads, and being brutally honest with ourselves about whether we are are in fact practicing the way.

But we all know that ultimately, no one else can find the way for us. We have to find it in ourselves. And once we've found it, it won't make sense to anyone else. It's my responsibility to myself to come to my own understanding of O-Sensei's art.

So I can respect those who are trying to understand what O-Sensei was doing--or who claim they have a clue--and if they're credible I'll gladly train with them. I can respect those who claim to have found something effective, independent of Aikido... but that's not the way I'm following right now.

What I can't respect is people who aren't trying at all--who are doing whatever they did when they were nine, or who are taking whatever their sensei or their organization shovels in their direction without trying to understand and own it. Life's too short for that.
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