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Re: When should I buy Hakama

Mary Simonsen wrote: View Post
Howdy all!

I see that in Aikido that everyone wears Hakama pants and a Judo top. I have looked at these on internet and are a bit pricey

At what rank etc do you start to wear these items? Also since the people I am training with so far are also newbies like me (exept sensei) is there a belt I should be wearing? I notice one of the firrst ranks is a white belt. So should I hold off wearing a white belt until it is earned? I have been just wearing a normal white Karate gi no belt so far. I am only a couple months into training .

Thanks for the info!
In my club (Tendoryu Aikido), a Hakama may be worn by any adult who has passed his/her first grading (6th Kyu). Gentlemen may choose between a black one & a dark blue one, while ladies have an additional choice of dark Maroon.

In my club, there are two classes of Hakama to choose from:

(1) Made-in-China Cotton (US$50)

(2) Made-in-Japan Cotton-Silk (US$100)

As for the Gi top, we are flexible. I personally wear a thein Karate Gi top, while some of my club-mates wear thick Judo Gis, while others wear those in between (medium thick).

As for the belt, we all wear belts, be it novice or not. Any white Karate, Judo etc belt will do. But I personally prefer a Karate belt because it is softer & more comfortable.
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