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Re: When should I buy Hakama

The deal with the dojo is we are practicing with another martial arts school. We pay to attend their school an they let us work off to the side in our own style. So there are several styles of martial arts being done there. Jeff was just very kind to work with me in Aikido as he was already had two people he was teaching. So it is more of a small group of people working out. There are more people finding out about us and are asking to join in. one night we had I believe 5 people. So it is very casual. We bow in , warm up and start doing techniques. Jeff has been teaching us. I had just gotten home from class when all these questions came raging into my brain and though it would be a good starting point for talking on the board. I am sure if I ask him etc he will tell me. He has mentioned I should just get a judo gi for now etc etc. I was just interested how people do things on a larger scale. I will probably ask him all these questions when I see him on Monday for training. There is a "dedicated" ( i mean by that is Aikido only school set up with great mats ertc. ) in Owensboro that I believe he attends regularly. I have been invited to join there. I am also planning on going sometime on a Saturday there.

What we have now is in a church gym with umm well cheap mats that are very hard. The group there is where I used to train in Jui Jitsu, and Karate for a while. When I came back after my ACL surgery I met Jeff who was working in Aikido and decided to go that path instead.

Hopefully our group will grow and we can make a more dedicated dojo etc for Aikido in Evansville. Thats our goal anyway.

So explain away!! Always neato to hear from everyone's experiences.
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