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[quote="Kensho Furuya"] Also, I am very strict in observing the protocol and a particularly strict in the very fine details of each technique. I don't have a very good personality nor am I very out-going, perhaps too serious in mood, I have an old, inescapable reputation for being very, very demanding of my students. I definitely do not have a high "personality" or "charm" ratio!

I can handle it Sensei, if you can! I am a perfectionist. There is no one I am harder on than myself. And yes, I can handle constructive critism. Many people say I'm too serious and need to relax, but I take what I do very seriously. Aikido is not a hobby to me, it is what I do! Besides, I'm not looking for "charm!"

My classes are very tedious ( I warn you!) - a lot of basics, over and over again, a lot of attention to the fine detail of each technique and attention to the individual characterics of each technique - and tons of cleaning! Hahaha!

Tedious? No problem! Attention to fine detail? Exactly what I need. Tons of cleaning? Before class, after class, or both?

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