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Kensho Furuya
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Many thanks for your kind words. I, too, pointedly stay out of all politics and this has necessarily made it difficult for me to venture anywhere beyond the doors of my own dojo. For the last twenty years or so, I have concentrated solely on my own students in my own dojo. Of course, I welcome all Aikidoists of any organization and we have a parade of visitors coming through our dojo doors from all over the world. I haven't taught a seminar in many years in this country, I find seminars often have a political slant to them or can be self-promoting so I try to avoid them. Also, I find that I myself cannot teach a student or group of students very effectively once every few months or once a year. I like to be in my own dojo each day, where I can teach and observe the progress of my students every single day and then judge their progress over a lengthy period of time. It is hard to evaluate the student's short term and long term needs in just a few classes of many, many people as in a large seminar. As for myself, it is only through daily instruction and contact with my students that I feel like I can really teach them or be effective as a teacher. Also, I am more effective with small groups of students than larger groups one finds in seminars. With too many people, I cannot devote enough time and attention to each student's needs in a given class or observe each one carefully enough. Also, I am very strict in observing the protocol and a particularly strict in the very fine details of each technique. I don't have a very good personality nor am I very out-going, perhaps too serious in mood, I have an old, inescapable reputation for being very, very demanding of my students. I definitely do not have a high "personality" or "charm" ratio!

I just find it better to be out of everyone's way - "out of sight, out of mind" as they say. I do not try to discourage you but I find it the best way for me to be very quiet and not get in the way of any other organization or teacher. It is only by some very unexplanably odd karma that I have come onto this website recently and started to have contact with so many people such as yourselves outside my own dojo.

Over the years, I should say, I have been receiving so many invitations to teach that it has reached a point where I might begin to travel again, not able to no longer keep refusing everyone.

I teach Aikikai style but that of about 30 years ago. I do not change much from the way I learned it and even still use the same explanations, wrods and order of techniques as my teachers taught it. I am more of a transmitter, than an innovator. I want to give my teacher's Aikido to my students, not particuarlyy my own. You are welcome to visit my dojo at anytime. Always welcome, indeed! My classes are very tedious ( I warn you!) - a lot of basics, over and over again, a lot of attention to the fine detail of each technique and attention to the individual characterics of each technique - and tons of cleaning! Hahaha!

I do conduct a monthly Intensive Seminar in Aikido and separately in Iaido once a month from 6:30am. Twice a month there is a lecture-discussion study class where students can ask any question about Aikido or we have a open group discussion. Several times a year, I give public lectures on Aikido, Iaido, the arts of the Samurai sword, Miyamoto Musashi's life, etc. Over the past 35 years, I have about 150 or so published articles floating around somewhere. I do have some students on putting together all of this archival material. I have three books in the works, actually in the final stages of completion. My one technical book on Aikido has 5,500 photos and contains approx. 600 techniques, an average of 8-10 photos per technique but the publisher feels that there is not that much interest in such a large book. . . . .me too! Haha!

Anyways, I keep very busy in my own little dojo here. You can always visit me at my website and always welcome to see my training schedule. Please come anytime! And many thanks for your interest, I think I just rambled on and on too much. . . . . . . oh well.
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