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Re: What kind of "spiraling" does Aikido have?

The basic concept in our dojo (basically a Tomiki dojo) is to create a a spherical balloon with your body. When the attack is coming you don't retreat but you absorb and turn. So you have to to bring the body frame backward and turn without bending or jumping away from the action. To apply a waza you can use a direct action or turn and use a rotational action. This method has a positive effect on our (tanto) randori. The attack in tanto randori is linear and is not interupted, but absorbed in the sperical balloon, the attacker has the feeling he can strike you but when the moment of impact is there, the bodyframe is gone without moving the body. The waza which we use looks very linear but has a flavor of a spiral. Shouldering, bending forward to block and all those muscular actions has to be avoid to create a powerful waza - in competition this is "ippon". Of course every match has to be done and maybe the opponent is also using similar methods.
In a paper of prof Shishida of the Waseda University and also a researcher on Ueshiba's prewar aikido, he wrote something about Ueshiba confronting powerfull judoka. Ueshiba never allowed those judoka to grasp him fully.
I tried to describe a simple action, but words cannot express the feeling about attacking and suddenly finding out the emptyness and the waza which bring you down without muscular arm/shoulderpower.

Just our way of training

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