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Deb Fisher wrote:
Wash your hands before and after training and suggest that others do the same.

On a tangent, my dojo has lots of antibacterial soap, antibacterial gel hanging around, and man, this stuff is a biological nightmare! I totally understand the point - you don't want to get sick because of training and we only recently moved into a place with a handy sink...

But this does not diminish the fact that overuse of antibiotics is a huge problem. It creates antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, it weakens our immune systems, it kills indiscriminately, ridding our bodies of "good" bacteria along with the bad.

Handwashing works - I never use that antibiotic stuff and I have never gotten sick because of the dojo. Sorry about the rant, back to regularly scheduled programming.
Yep, we are back to the basic form of paranoia.

Using anti-bacterial soaps and gels may seem to have some advantages it also has some major drawbacks worth considering.
[*]For these products to work you really have to use them right, meaning that washing your hands would be transformed into the scrubbing surgeons (sp?) do before any operation.
[*]Anti bacterial soap and anti biotics are, as there name suggests, effective against bacteria. Unfortunately not all pathogenes are bacteria. Especially in the cold/flu epidemics it is virusses that are at work. Virusses are not killed by antibiotics and are due to there size also much harder to wash away.
[*]Modern research evidence seems to imply that living very clean is not as healthy as a lot of people think it is. Clean children seem to have a worse imunesystem and develop more allergies.The old proverb "What doesnt kill you will make you stronger" seems in this respect to hold some truth. Of course being ill isnt nice but being paranoia about diseases and trying to avoid them at all costs might in the long run be counter productive.

Of course the overuse of antibiotics is a huge problem, as is the improper use. This of course also holds for anti-virals.Still the best way to stay healthy is to do healthy things: Have a good diet, exercise etc. Take care of your body and your imunesystem!!!!!
Oh and dont forget to teach people not to come to the dojo when they are not feeling well. That can do miracles as well.

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