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Lee Salzman
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Re: Is power really generated from the center?

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Experientially, yes. It can move, it can carry load, it can connect, it can carry connection from other parts of the body like winding a thread around a spool.

Physiologically, dunno, and I don't know that anybody else does either. Even western medical science is taking another look at the fascia as being more than just a wrapper but having a dynamic function in its own right. And fascia runs all through that area.

But ultimately I'm highly suspicious of mechanical explanations of what's going on with this stuff. It's too complicated and the mind/body connection is too intricate to be able to treat it as as levers and forces--or at least, I find it too hard to operationalize such explanations in practice.
Are you arguing that actual load-bearing structures are on the same level as your spleen for conducting loads across the body? How would you go about training your spleen to help your aikido?
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