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Mario Tobias
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Re: Is power really generated from the center?

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Hi Oisin,

For me it is the mind/intent. The mind moves the centre, the centre moves the rest.

'If' the body is connected, then power is a natural result.
Most folk seem to be stuck in the physical aspects of centre and dont get me wrong, the physical aspects are hugely important, if the hands are not connected to the feet through centre in all movement, then power is greatly diminished.

I was taught, use the body to train the mind, then use the mind to lead the body.

Using mental imagery and metaphors, helps to embed the correct feeling and focus.

So don't use your feet and legs to move your centre, mentally move the centre allowing the legs and feet to naturally accomodate the new position. This can be done in all directions.


Sensei was also telling the same thing but I still dont understand how the mind moves the center. Care to expound a bit more?
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