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Marc Abrams
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Re: Kids practicing Kotegaeshi

Monty Collier wrote: View Post
Hey Marc,
Thanks for commenting.
They're just starting.
This was their first practice
with the ukemi (on this technique).

Did you notice how I used the
declivity of the hill to ease the
ukemi? What do you think?

I spend a majority of my time with the children developing a good external and internal structure and then help them to work on achieving kazushi without them having to "worry" about techniques. That way, when they begin working on stuff like that, it tends to work better because the basic foundations of making a technique work are there before the techniques. Otherwise, the kids become "surprised" when a non-compliant kid does not roll for them but instead clocks them..... I think we tend to focus too much on techniques instead of the the fundamentals that really make them work. Just me 2 cents of course, and with today's economy, not worth even that.....

The hill is an interesting idea. I frankly am surprised how little assistance children need with ukemi. It tends to be the adults, who have a life-long base of muscle fears and tensions, that tend to have real problems with ukemi.


marc abrams
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