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Re: An American Koryu

some might also call them "life skills". I am betting both samurai and mountain men did what they did and much of what they did was so ubiquitous to their daily living that they never gave most things they did a second thought.

I think it is not until the skills become novel or obsolete that we start looking at them as separate and distinct skills and start looking at piece of what they did as "special" "art" or "craft" for sure.

I know in the infantry we learn lots of things that get passed down from generations to generation...we call it "field craft". There are some basic principles and things that we have carried forward and look at the "old" as timeless. Such things as Sun Tzu, Rogers Rangers Standing Orders, and now we are back to basic jiu jitsu as well as a foundational skill!

Then you fast forward to things like "silly string" which 10 years ago would have seem like not such a serious tool to have in your tool box, but today, it is more valuable than a sword in combat.

I think it is hard to recognize sometimes what we do as being special or unique when it is a integral part of what we do and who we are.

Yeah, I'd say that what you do is "martial" in the context of how you are looking at it.

I tend to be more specific with the term though and would apply the term "life skill" or "field craft". Unless that is, it was related to a direct martial application.

btw, tomahawks are back in voque with the Military. I carry one in "combat" and practice using it as they are very useful tools/weapons!

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