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Re: Relaxing

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Which two fingers? Not that I'm doubting Vlad's ability; rather I'm reminded of the old hypnotist's trick where two men lift a woman in a chair using only their index fingers. The trick is, the index finger by itself can support as much weight as the palm. So Vlad may indeed have full body integration that allows him to effortlessly lift great weights, but the fact that he did it with just his fingers may not be such a great feat...
The explanation I had from my friend is that it had to do with using the breath to move the weight. I don't get it myself... My point in mentioning this is that there isn't just one paradigm for how the body works. You can get a professional athlete who uses his body everyday at peak performance levels and then have them try a something like this and they won't be able to do it. Anyway, I am not an expert on this at all but I am sure it goes beyond a nice relaxed and integrated movement.

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